These Running Shoes of Mine…on Dog Lake Trail

The view on the way to the lake. The trees opened up, and it was like magic.

Sometimes these running shoes of mine becoming hiking shoes (or even strolling shoes). I mean, I could run up to Dog Lake in Millcreek Canyon, but there are tree roots and I’m fundamentally clumsy. True story. I can trip on anything or nothing—usually nothing. Running on a paved path is hard enough without having to dodge rocks. On hiking trails, you actually have to watch your feet at all times, and I get distracted by the scenery.

In this case, the scenery was a ton of cute dogs. The lake was like a little dog oasis. In fact, there were so many dogs that I thought, “What if I just grab one? Who’d notice?” Not that I’d actually steal a dog. That’s wrong…

Dog Lake. I caught the lake in a rare moment without dogs thrashing around in it (or trying to drag tree-sized “sticks” out of it for their owners).

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