Adare, Limerick | Ireland

It’s two days after my arrival, and we’re going to swing around the Ring of Kerry, one of the most scenic spots in Ireland. Luckily, with my home base in Galway, this means a day’s journey roundtrip. And I can’t wait.

We started out super early. Early enough that I didn’t have time to run first. Which I hate. But I love traveling more, so I dealt with it.

The first town we came to was Adare with adorable thatch-roof cottages. I almost jumped out of the car to get a look at them. My parents are used to this sort of quaintness, which is a shame. I never want to get used to the novelty of being in a new, different place.

2014-09-05 09.17.43.jpg

Obligingly, they pulled the car over—instead of have me break my neck jumping and rolling—and we took pictures. Do they keep this spot cute just for tourists? Probably. Do I care? Nope.


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