Healthy Habits: Food | Choose Joy

Holiday indulgence isn’t much of a surprise. Most people pack on a few pounds thanks to Santa-shaped cookies and cream-filled cakes. But how does that affect your brain?

Moist Herby Turkey

This moist herby turkey recipe took several years to perfect. It’s juicy, moist, and everything a turkey should be. Now I’m giving it to you.

Feed the World

Hunger breaks people down, depriving them of happiness, of the will to go on, to improve, to be better.

Read the World Wrap-Up | Greece

I had no idea how deeply love of freedom is ingrained into the Western psyche thanks to the Greeks. For that alone, their heroism and humanity, I give them thanks.

The Best Food Ever | Italy

It’s very possible that if I was to choose my favorite cuisine, it would be Italian. What’s not to love? There’s pasta, pastries, gelato, cotoletta, croquette, and mozzarella.

Zucchini Lasagna with Mushrooms

I didn’t wake up this morning wondering how I could contribute further to the destruction of authentic Italian cuisine, I swear, but opportunities can’t be wasted. I was asked to whip up a batch of healthy(er) lasagna using zoodles instead of pasta (because we have a buttload of zucchini from the garden). I remembered this…

Kale and Walnut Pesto

I know what you’re thinking: How did I get so lucky to receive a blog post from Allison two days in a row!? You obviously lead a blessed life. That, and I like cooking. Today, I decided to bastardize the traditional Italian sauce, pesto (don’t tell my sister-in-law) because we have a ton of kale,…