2018 Reading Goals

Can’t wait for another year of reading. I’m going to finally put a dent in my bookshelf reading list.

Doctor Zhivago | Russia

This book is one of those that needs to be read because the suffering of the people needs to be remembered. And although it ends sadly, there’s too much triumph of the soul for it to be sad.

The Doll | Poland

I didn’t see this book as a failure of the class system, I saw it as a triumph over it.

Romeo and Juliet | Italy

Perversely, it’s my tirade in the form of a review, that makes me think this book is worth reading. Anything that brings out so much emotion and provokes so much thought is worth the effort.

To Kill a Mockingbird | Book Review

This book touched me on a number of levels, but mostly it taught me to have faith in humanity, to have faith in the good in people. This alone makes the book worth reading.