Spies of the Balkans | WWII

Costa Zannis is helped, and sometimes hindered, by a cast of characters who show that heroism is something that regular people can do on a regular basis during extraordinary circumstances.

The Diary of a Young Girl | WWII

This book defines the human spirit and its ability to find joy in adversity and goodness in people, even after everything it suffers.

Sarah’s Key | WWII

When I first saw the short description for Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay, I thought it would be a cute book for young readers (well, as cute as Jewish victims during WWII can possibly be)…but oh, I was so wrong. It was a good book, but I wouldn’t say cute. More like tumultuous. Overview:…

The Secret War | WWII

Success was not due just to bigger navies or faster planes or better soldiers; it was due as well to the intelligence gathered by secret warriors.

D-Day, June 6, 1944 | WWII

Only the bravery and courage of the troops, the leadership of their superiors, and the force of the human will to conquer got the Allies up the beaches.

Band of Brothers | WWII

Band of Brothers follows one company of men with extraordinary courage through Europe to victory.

All the Light We Cannot See | WWII

There’s more to light or truth than what we can physically see; that light is almost a tangible essence that lifts us up. Indeed, there’s light all around that can make us our better selves if we let it. It’s a light that Marie-Laure, blind as she was, could see, while Werner, with all this brilliance and knowledge, was blind to until the very end:

Hero on a Bicycle | WWII

War can harden or humble a person. Some of these characters allowed it to turn them into better people.

The Girl from Venice | WWII

This book is beautiful and romantic with a thread of hope that weaves throughout the entire plot, turning the death and destruction of war into a glimpse of the human capacity for good.