These Running Shoes of Mine…on Oquirrh Lake

Lately my running routine has been that: a routine. A boring, mind-numbing routine. Running the exact same 5 miles day after day makes that 5 miles seem more like 10. Or 20. So I’ve recently made the decision that at least once a week I’ll run at a new location, something different from my usual….

These Running Shoes of Mine…on Dog Lake Trail

Sometimes these running shoes of mine becoming hiking shoes (or even strolling shoes). I mean, I could run up to Dog Lake in Millcreek Canyon, but there are tree roots and I’m fundamentally clumsy. True story. I can trip on anything or nothing—usually nothing. Running on a paved path is hard enough without having to…

These Running Shoes of Mine…on the Jordan River Parkway

Sometimes you just need to shake up your routine a little (at least in the running world), so I went down to the Jordan River Parkway today. Honestly, usually I’m just to lazy to drive there—you know, as five miles is such a long distance—so I normally pound the same path and go slowly insane….

These (New) Running Shoes of Mine

I’m the proud owner of a brand-spanking new pair of beautiful running shoes. I happened to be at the Nike outlet the other day and happened to come across an incredibly good deal on Nike Free Runs 5.0: $26. I was then told that I should get three pairs. I’m seriously considering it. Run to…

These Running Shoes of Mine

These running shoes of mine have seen two continents, three countries, several states, and thousands of miles. They’ve seen the verdant hills of Ireland and the forests of Maine. They’ve seen rocky trails and stony paths until the soles have been worn down (and in some cases worn through). Before I retire said holey running…