King John | England

Not Shakespeare’s best effort, but it does nicely dramatize ancient history.

Flame in the Mist

Mariko is one of the few characters that doesn’t need to be saved; she saves herself.

The Hobbit | England

This book made me want to relax at Bag End with Bilbo or sing with the dwarves. The writing was charming, witty, and fun.

The Forest | England

These people instilled hardiness and hope in all who came after, giving England the strength to endure and survive all that it has.

The Noel Diary

Love’s not something that should be worked for or earned, but freely given.

Night | WWII

This isn’t Anne Frank’s belief in the goodness of people; it’s the murder of all belief in good.

The Last Battle | WWII

A World War II story where the U.S. Army and German Wehrmacht is interesting, but maybe a little over-dramatized.

Everyone Brave Is Forgiven | WWII

Many books have this thin patina of unreality. This book doesn’t have that. There’s no barrier. It’s you and them, experiencing it all together.

The Last Goodnight | WWII

This was a well-written, well-researched book that was very interesting. I would’ve loved it if I didn’t dislike the heroine so much.